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“The award-winning videographers at Focal Point are wedding video super-specialists. Ryan Chaney has been telling nothing but wedding stories full-time since 2004, and his expertise is evident. The end product is a tightly edited movie highlighting the best moments of your day—with a polished storyline and custom soundtrack to boot. Focal Point also offers theatrical trailers, mind-blowing same-day editing and the option for couples to record their own ‘Director’s Commentary’ on the DVD.”

  1. • Oregon Bride Magazine, Spring/Summer 2010 issue (pgs. 45-46)

"Where do we begin thanking you?! Our wedding video is so beyond amazing. Pictures are wonderful, but this video has to be the best purchase of the entire wedding! You are so incredibly talented and we are so honored to have had the opportunity to work with you. I have been getting the most wonderful feedback from people who have been able to watch our video online. You should be VERY proud of the work you've done! So many of our friends and family have said that they've cried when they watched it. For those people that weren't able to make it to our wedding, it's been so awesome to still be able to share our day with them. Thank you for all of your time and effort, and please send any prospective couples my way for a recommendation! We are spreading the word: Focal Point is the best!"
  1. • Shannon & Ryan (click here to view a sample of their wedding video)

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I’ve been crying. The wedding video is unbelievable, and you guys did a fantastic job.  You made this the best gift ever and the best money spent; there is no price for this. It's just unbelievable work and I know all my family is going to appreciate it. You are a fantastic person and you edited it so great; I appreciate everything–it's awesome!  I love you guys!”

• Lorene & Shawn (click here to listen to audio of this message)

I know I have told you about a thousand times....I LOVE MY VIDEO!!! I just watched it again and was sucked in....full of emotion. I know I am repeating myself, but each time I watch it, I have to just tell you how happy I am. Thank you.”

• Kelly & Ross (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

"...I am pretty speechless. My mom literally started crying in the first minute and I have watched it maybe six times now and still cry every time. How do you DO that? :)  After seeing so many shining examples of your work, I definitely had high expectations, and you exceeded them in our video. My mom and I agree that it was THE best investment we made in the whole wedding. Feel free to send doubting brides my way--I will assure them that they won't be sorry! My mom kept saying "he did SUCH a good job" and she was "so glad we did this." It really is priceless to be able to share our wedding with everyone who couldn't make it, and to revisit it ourselves whenever we want. I just really can't thank you enough. Not only have you created a beautiful memory of our wedding day, but you have also been a joy to work with, and I'm so thankful it was you there with me all day. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I can. I'm sure you are only going to be more successful as time goes on, and I just wish you nothing but the best! Thank you SO much again.”

• Aleina & Jesse (click here to view a sample of their wedding video, click here to view their comments on LiveJournal’s Wedding Plans forum)

"Wow! I don't even know where to begin... Words cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding video. It is more incredible than we could have ever imagined! Each time we watch it we are moved to tears and can't believe how you captured the magic of our wedding day so perfectly. Everyone who has seen it has been completely blown away... The special effects are amazing and the way everything came together is so beautiful. I loved how you were able to capture such incredible detail–there were so many little things that were picked up that we didn't remember, and now we'll have them to treasure forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. We will treasure it for the rest of our lives... You are amazing!"

Katie & Todd, California

"As a wedding coordinator, I have had the privilege of working with Ryan many times and can wholeheartedly say that he is the best of the best! His work is second to none...creatively captured and expertly edited, with his clients' unique personalities and wedding day in mind every step of the way. He is professional, sincere, and a prompt and clear communicator, and his finished products are always stunning...and on time! I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for superior quality video services and unmatched, authentic service: he delivers them both!"

Christie Wilson, lead coordinator at Blush Bridal Consultation Group

“We absolutely adore our wedding video! Thank you so much for all of your beautiful work and creativity! Watching it this week brought back so many memories of such a special day!  Since our first conversation on the phone you have been nothing but kind and extremely professional.  Felipe and I were so thankful to have you at our wedding capturing so many little details, you made it all look so beautiful!  We highly admire your work and truly thank you!”

Kendra & Felipe, New Jersey (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

We seriously love our video so much!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Darren and I had a chance to watch it last night and we can't wait to show everyone!!”

Mandi Wiley, owner of Champagne Wedding & Event Coordination

“I just wanted to tell you: the videos are amazing! We absolutely love them. Greg and I watched them the other night and just had tears running down our faces. What a great way to capture those memories! Thank you for all your work, it was worth every penny. Nice, nice work!"

Barb, mother of a bride (click here to listen to audio of this message)

OH MY GOSH!!!! Ryan, seriously this is so gorgeous! I absolutely LOOOVE it and I am going to watch it every single day!!!! THANK YOU! I love the music selections too -- everything about it is perfect!  We watched it with my parents this weekend and you had them both crying.  My dad always gets mad when something makes him cry, and he was like ‘This damn thing is a tear jerker!’ haha!  We will seriously treasure our video for our whole lifetime, thanks again Ryan!”

Christina & Shawn

”I just watched the wedding video with my son Orrin for the first time. He was so excited to see mama and daddy on TV... and I bawled the whole time as usual. One of my most cherished possessions ever!”

• Aleina & Jesse via Facebook (click here to view a sample of their wedding video)

“Oh my goodness, where do we begin thanking you? The video is simply AMAZING! We have watched it several times and can’t believe all of the things we had forgotten or missed seeing. Our families just can’t stop raving about what a wonderful work of art it is... the combination of clips along with music is just unbelievable! It was by far the best money we could have spend for our wedding, memories that will last forever thanks to you. It was such a pleasure working with you!”

Jen & Rick (click here to view this note)

"Ryan, thank you for being such a kind and wonderful person! We truly enjoyed working with you and we have been raving on about you to all of our family and friends!”

• Mytien & James (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the video! It was absolutely spectacular! We watched it start to finish with all of the special features etc., and then watched the short-form version again–wow, we really love it!  Months ago we were unable to decide whether or not we wanted to have the video at all and when we saw it we both decided it was the best money we spent on the wedding–it is absolutely amazing and we can't thank you enough. Believe me, if anyone ever asks for the name of a videographer, you will get my highest recommendation! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you–thank you for the amazing video and for helping to record our wedding day."

• Kassandra & Michael, New York

"We watched our video last night and enjoyed it so much.  It really allowed us to see things we don’t even remember taking place; we had a blast that day and re-lived it last night...  Thank you for that!"

• Darla & Todd (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“I thought that a wedding film was something that we couldn't afford at first. It is expensive but in reality all things related to weddings are far from cheap. Looking back now - I don't know how we could have afforded not to hire our videographers. It's something we'll always cherish and it really is true when people tell you that the day goes by so fast and that you miss so much! I am so thankful to have the footage to look back on. In addition to that we are able to share our day with our loved ones who were not able to be here due to various circumstances. I'd tell any bride to find room in the budget for Focal Point. It's worth every penny!”

• Karli Vidourek, owner of Darcey May Wedding & Event Coordination (click here to view her Theatrical Trailer)

“I just watched the trailer with huge tears streaming down my face.  What a magnificent, beautiful job you did. I’m so happy we got to work with you and the talent you have on your team. I’m blown away by what I just saw and want to thank you so much. We will recommend you to any and all future bride/grooms. Thank you again for sharing your talents with us.”

• Chris, mother of a bride, California (click here to view the Theatrical Trailer)

“We got the Blu-Ray and watched it front to back, absolutely LOVE everything!!!! You did SUCH an AMAZING job!!!! We particularly liked how you put the pastor's sermon over the song we liked so much from our ceremony!!! You got so many cool little things we never got to see too, it is just awesome!!!  We wish that we could have watched it with you so we could express our gratitude in person.  If we were there in person you would have seen us both shedding tears and laughing and would definitely have given you a big hug in appreciation!  You truly do amazing work and we are SO happy that we hired you to memorialize our big day.”

• Jamie & Luke, Roseburg, Ore.

“We are just amazed beyond words at how wonderful of a job you did on the wedding video! You completely surpassed every expectation we had and just left us utterly breathless! This is our favorite thing ever because it captures all the images and lets us relive the beauty and love of that day in the sweetest way! We have been talking about you to everyone and will continue to sing your praises! Blessings and thanks!”

• Denise, mother of a bride

"Just watched the most AMAZING video!  Ryan is right: Why live your wedding day only once?  Our wedding video brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart!  I’m am going to sleep well tonight!”

• Hayley & Matt

"The many people we have shown our video to have bawled their way through it, even those that attended the actual event, and all have remarked that our video is the best they have ever seen.  I have let all my family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers, know that Focal Point is the one they can trust to not only produce an outstanding show, but to help the actual day go so much more smoothly.  I remember the hectic time before the ceremony, and I was about to breakdown crying from the confusion of the moment, when you, Ryan, saw my face, took charge, and started directing our photo shoot. I would have lost it without you knowing from experience how to read your bride and advocate for her!  You saved the day (or at least my makeup)!  From start to finish, from filming our Love Story to viewing the DVD, our experience with Focal Point was nothing but fun, easy and worry-free!  Thank you so much for giving Jason and I the most precious of wedding gifts." 

• Katie & Jason

“I wanted to let you know how very, very much my husband and I enjoyed the video. Oh my goodness, I balled like a baby, again!  It was just terrific! You did an amazing job and we just wanted you to know that. We loved it all and you caught so many really neat moments... we just don't’ have enough good things to say about it. It was all that we had hoped for and more and more and more, and I just thank you so much. I’ll pass your name on if I know anyone who is getting married and is looking for a videographer, because you’re the guy for the job.”

  1. • Lael, mother of a bride (click here to listen to audio of this message, and click here and here to view clips of Jordan’s wedding video)

Thank you so much Ryan! Jake and I love our video more than we can ever tell you! You do awesome work friend!”

• Jennifer & Jake (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

"Thank you again for your work at the wedding. I thought the entire wedding was just superb and Laura was so pleased, as was everyone.  And it is because all the details came together, including the great work you guys did. Having the wedding day shots included in the Love Story video was so fantastic. I would recommend that product to any of your clients. When the guests saw it at the reception they all got that "wow" factor that put the whole thing over the top!!! Thank you for doing it.”

• Dave, repeat customer and father of two brides (click here to view clips of Laura’s wedding video)

"Our videos came yesterday, and all we can say is OHMYGOSH, WOW!!!! You did such an amazing job, the videos are everything we hoped for and more!! I can't believe we even considered passing on the video, it is so important and caught a ton of things we forgot about or never saw. John and I always say we don't know what we'd do without our wedding video and I feel very strongly that every couple getting married needs one. And not just ANY video of course, it has to be shot by you! You captured the most sincere moments we had with each other and with family and friends, and these things are now preserved on these videos we'll have forever. It's just incredible. We will definitely continue to sing your praises and recommend you to anyone we know getting married. I can't say it enough: it's WONDERFUL. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work and amazing talent!! You were a pleasure to work with and I am so grateful to you guys for the work you do. You're the best!!!"

• Lindsay & John

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled Brenda and Jason are with their wedding video. Brenda's words were, "Mom, you don't have to get us anything or do anything for us ever again, because nothing can top this." I was so happy to hear that. She has just watched it over and over and over and says she can't believe what an awesome job you did putting it together. Thank you soooo much."

• Sheryl, mother of a groom

"I don't know how I can express how much we really are so happy with our wedding video. We have looked at our pictures twice since we've gotten them but we've probably watched the video at least a dozen times! It's not that we like to watch ourselves but it just captures every moment perfectly, with BEAUTIFUL music and cool features... something pictures just can't do. So thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. We even have a list of people wanting to "rent" it from our parents–people that couldn't attend our wedding and even people that were there and loved watching the Love Story that you shot. You were a huge hit."

  1. • Ginny & Aaron (click here to read additional comments from this client)

OMG!!! Ryan and Gary it is incredible!!! I have no words! We are speechless and so appreciative!!! You guys are fabulous and I will absolutely write that anywhere! Just an awesome group of guys and we felt so comfortable around you! We loved the experience and would recommend you guys to ANYONE!!! Thank you again, you are the best!!!”

  1. • Jackie & Phil (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

We have already watched it three times... and just wanted to tell you that every time I watch the video I fall more in love with it. It is such an amazing piece of work! You really did a wonderful job!”

  1. • Sarah & Jayson, New York

“OH MY GOSH IT'S SO AMAZING!!!! The DVDs showed up last night and I couldn't even wait 45 minutes for Tristan to get home, I had to see it right away! And, wow. Just wow. I teared up a bunch of times, I loved seeing the moments (like with Tristan buttoning Justin's shirt on) when I wasn't there in person, and it's all just completely amazing. I had apparently not told Tristan about the Hash House Harriers running through our shoot, so *that* was a fun conversation once Tristan finally got home and watched it again with me. :)  He was particularly blown away by some of the black & white work in there. Amazing. Okay I know I am getting repetitive here so I'll just shut up and say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

  1. • Kristy & Tristan, Maryland

We just watched our wedding film for our two year anniversary! Laughed, cried, laughed some more. SO amazing and so special! I love it! Such a LOVELY video. I swear, it gets better and better each year (yes, you can quote me on that)! Thank you for your amazing work, and tell any bride she would be CRAZY not to hire you. It is my favorite romantic comedy of all time!”

  1. • Laura & Jerod (click here to view samples of their wedding video, also see this Blog entry)

“What can I say?? I have watched our wedding video over and over, and each time I seem to have a constant smile that then turns into tears and laughter. The video brings out every emotion I have. It is truly amazing! I am so happy to have met you and for our video. You are so talented, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to relive our special day when ever we want! That is truly a dream come true in itself. Thank you for capturing each and every special moment and for sharing all the emotions on video. We are so pleased with our purchase, and truly feel it was our best investment of the entire wedding! We have received so much feedback from family who have watched it online. All seem to say the same thing..."amazing, beautiful, unbelievable, and special." For us, to be able to share the video with our family from out of town is a gift in itself. Ryan, you are so awesome! Thank you for the best gift a bride could ever ask for! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you, and for making us feel so comfortable while filming. We are honored to have been able to work with you, and we are SO pleased!! I will highly recommend you to anyone that comes my way!! Thank you so so much!!”

• Kelly & Ross (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

AH-MAZING. WOW. Seriously. THANK YOU. Your work is phenomenal. No joke. Loved it! We have been watching it on repeat! I am SO incredibly glad that you were a part of our wedding. It is so amazing to re-live our wedding day over and over. Thank you again!”

• Cheryl & Ryan (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“When planning her wedding you were top on her list so now I see why!!!! The video is amazing! I can't begin to thank you enough!! This is such a treasure for me. Her wedding turned out to be all she ever dreamed and now we can watch it over and over! Makes me cry everytime I watch it, I guess that is just what moms do.”

• Kim, mother of a bride (click here to see her daughter’s wedding)

“Matt and I just want to thank you guys again for the AMAZING wedding video! We watched it with some of my family this evening and it moved many of them to tears. My Dad absolutely loved the father-daughter photo montage and said to tell you both that it made the whole wedding and really is "priceless." We are so blessed that we could have you guys do the video and really just can't thank you enough. We now have something to treasure and remember "our special day" forever after the cake has been cut and the bouquet has been tossed. You guys truly are the best and I will never hesitate to recommend you to future brides. Thanks a million!!!

• Kristin & Matt

I just wanted to leave you a note after watching the video last night, and it was AMAZING. The music, editing, etc. was awesome. We couldn't have asked for more. My family was thrilled (and very teary). Thanks so much for the hard work!!”

• Stacy & Matt, Washington DC (via our Facebook fan page)

“We just received our wedding video in the mail today and let me just say it is better than anything I could have imagined! Ryan and Focal Point Digital Media have been hands down THE BEST vendor to work with from our wedding. He takes time to get to know you and establishes a meaningful connection with his clients. You're not just a number, a wedding date or a sale, you're a real person with real dreams and plans. He made us feel like we were always his top priority and this can not be said for many wedding vendors, that's for sure!  The best advice I can give to any future bride or groom is that while all the details matter now, all that matters AFTER you say I do is you and your spouse, and the memories you have from your special day. After seeing our video my husband and I both feel that this is the best money we spent on our wedding. It's something we will have and treasure forever, and I think video shows so much more that photography simply cannot.  The quality, professionalism and expertise Focal Point offers is simply unparalleled! It definitely puts your mind at ease to know you're working with the best. Thank you Ryan!”

• Caitlin & Evan, Bend, Ore. (via WeddingWire)

“We got the videos today and have already watched it. It was WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, and PERFECT!!!!!!!!  The parts you chose and the way you worked with the colors was more than I could've imagined. I can't wait to send a copy to my grandparents. It was wonderful to work with you. Thank you so much for really capturing the day.”

• Teri & Jeff, Belgium

"I wanted to drop you a line after seeing our fantastic video. It was more than we could have ever expected! The way you edited the footage is beyond professional. The moments you captured were emotionally charged and a joy to watch. The highlight section in particular was the perfect memento of our perfect day. Thank you for a fabulous job and a painless experience."

• Michelle & Steve, Michigan

"I've been meaning to contact you to let you know how THRILLED we are with the video! It has far surpassed our expectations, although they were high to start with after watching clips of other videos you had done! We cried like we did the day of, watching everything again ... So great to experience the day all over again! Thank you for giving us that opportunity! We are absolutely thrilled with how it all turned out and the memories it holds are priceless! And, we LOVED the touch you added at the end: E-Harmony theme music! Amazing! We will sing your praises and highly recommend you to every newly-engaged couple we encounter. We love our wedding photography but agree with other clients of yours who claim that they would choose your video over any photography if both aren't an option. Thank you again!”

• Michelle & Rich

“Hiring Ryan & Gary for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made! As a bridal consultant, and having worked with Focal Point in the past, I knew as soon as I was engaged that they had to shoot our wedding. Thankfully they were available and we immediately booked! Not only are they two of the nicest guys in the wedding industry, they are equally talented and offer superior videography. In addition to our wedding video we had Ryan shoot our Love Story several months earlier and he did a phenomenal job of adding extra touches so that the final product was exactly what we envisioned and our guests loved the slideshow that we presented during dinner. We cannot wait to see our video this spring and know it will be amazing! I am excited to continue referring Focal Point to my clients knowing they will be thrilled with the entire experience.”

• Amy Nuttman, owner of Blush Bridal Consultation Group (click here to view her Theatrical Trailer and click here for an excerpt from her wedding ceremony)

“Thank you thank you thank you!!! The wedding DVDs are awesome!!! My mom called me today crying after she watched it! I told a coworker who is getting married about you guys and how much I loved your work and the fact that it was affordable - can I give her your email? Thanks again. I am so happy with the results!”

• Nicole & Beachum

“WOW! That video was incredible, we loved it! You and your team did such a wonderful job. I loved the video of the whole wedding and then I loved having the options of seeing the raw footage. You made everything flow perfectly; Kyle and I were in awe. Thank you for everything you did!”

• Taylor & Kyle

"Let me start by saying we loved the video! We have watched it so many times, and it brings us and others to tears every time we watch it."

• Sallie & Mike

"A large heartfelt thanks to Ryan and Dan for those unforgettable images they captured on our wedding day. The video exceeded our expectations! To be able to watch our special day whenever we desire is truly exceptional. Janell and I agree this is by far the best investment we have ever made–together!"

• Jed & Janell

“ I have never been a big fan of wedding videography. What I’ve seen in the past has usually been somewhat cheesy and of very poor quality. However, the first time I saw Ryan’s work, I became a believer.  What he offers is unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. I encourage you to check it out for yourself!”

• Becky Simpson, owner of No Ordinary Affair Wedding & Event Planning

“I make everyone I know watch the video because I love it so much. And everyone who has seen it has loved it too!  I will definitely become a Facebook fan, and of course recommend you to anyone I know of who is getting married in Oregon.”

• Erin & Jesse

“Oh my goodness! I was in tears within the first minute! Adam teared up a bit too :)  Shhh, don't tell him I told you that! LOL! Totally took us back to the wedding day & you captured everything so beautifully! We LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

• Karli Vidourek, owner of Darcey May Wedding & Event Coordination (click here to view her Theatrical Trailer)

“I want to thank you very much for how fantastic you have been to work with.  All along the way, you have been so professional, responsive, helpful, kind, fun and your work at our wedding was excellent... you were very present but not intrusive and sooo courteous and positive. You added to the wonder of the day! Thank you sooo much!!”

• Asik & Charlie, California

“Focal Point Digital Media is the ONLY videography studio that I would trust with my wedding. Simply put, they love weddings and they love capturing weddings! I always felt like the most important bride in the world when I was with them (even though I know they had many other brides they were working with at the same time). They were so organized, professional, supportive, and talented. They also filmed my sisters wedding two years ago, and everyone who sees the video starts bawling with happiness. It is hilarious, but feels SO good to know your wedding was captured so perfectly and beautifully, even grown men cry when they watch it! They are the best!”

• Laura & Jerod (click here for several samples from their main feature)

“Since opening their doors in 2004, Salem’s Focal Point has captured priceless moments in more than 150 weddings.  Using a unique style of video editing they call “cinematic short form,” Focal Point turns your wedding day into a tightly edited movie-like experience, complete with a custom soundtrack.”

  1. • Oregon Bride Magazine, Best of 2009 issue (pg. 67)

  2. (Please click here for more info on our Best of Bride “Best Videographer 2009” award)

“We want to thank you so much for all you hard work!  You were so wonderful every time we saw you and we are truly going to miss our meetings!  You are a wonderful and talented individual.  I can’t wait for many years of looking back at our special day, and I can’t wait for about five or so years from now showing my little ones just like I loved watching my parents’ getting married over and over!”

  1. • Krystal & Keith, Washington (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“Without a doubt, spending the money for Focal Point Digital Media to create a wedding video was SO worth it! Their slogan is "Why Live Your Wedding Day Only Once?" and we totally agree! Everything happened so fast on the day of the wedding...we felt like we missed out on so much! But thanks to Ryan, we get to "live" the day as many times as we want, and see things on video that we might not have seen or noticed before. He made a "sneak-peek” movie trailer for us that was ready within a week, and we have watched it countless times! All of our friends and family who couldn't make the wedding watched it too and are so grateful they get to see a bit of the wedding! I can't say enough what a great job Ryan did, and how glad we are that we chose Focal Point!”

• Jennifer & Jake via WeddingMapper.com (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“Choosing to work with you was the best decision we made surrounding our wedding. The same day edits captured the details of our day and played them right there in front of our guests... they were amazed and we were so happy.  We are thankful for our wedding and all the wonderful memories!”

• Christy & Peter

“Ryan, I was beyond impressed with you and your business and how you were so easy to work with, so quick to respond to every email, how professional you and Gary were, and most of all even though it was Shane and my wedding I really felt like you were just as excited as us to be there sharing with us in our very special and exciting day. That was a HUGE thing for us! We could never thank you enough!  I love sharing with anyone about Focal Point and will continue to do so to everyone I encounter!!  Shane and I really do appreciate the time, love and hard work you put into each and everyone’s video you make. You are so gifted and like I said, its nice to be able to see behind the scenes all the things I missed because of everything going on that day. Thank you to your family too who share you with us and allow you to work so hard at your job making other people happy. Thank you!!”

• Brittany & Shane

“We got our video today and within two minutes of walking in the door we had it playing.  I am speechless. You absolutely exceeded our every expectation. I am so incredibly in love with our video. I love every single bit of it. Thank you a million times, Ryan. Thank you so very very much!”

• Eva & Brian

“Ryan, thank you so much for making our day one to remember. You are amazing, professional, and very gifted. We loved our Love Story and can’t wait to see all that you captured. You made our day so wonderful. We will recommend you highly!!”

• Amie & Tom

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for capturing this amazing event in our lives. I absolutely love it and literally have watched it about 6 times now! You did a phenomenal job of not only capturing the genuine feeling and emotion of the day in the main feature but also the extended cuts. One of the many things I love is the extended cuts and how it is all just one DVD. It really does seem like we're watching a DVD movie!! Additionally, the honeymoon pictures and the song you arranged to the pictures are perfect. You did an all around fantastic job and thought that it was vital for you to hear my point of view since you had already heard Sarah's. By the way, she cries every time she sees it...which was literally about 10 minutes ago (again)!! Thank you so much for all you have done and trust me: you will definitely be HIGHLY recommended to all our friends who are getting married!!”

• Jayson & Sarah, New York

"We have been so impressed with your work since you did my daughter Sarah's wedding video. We have said so many times that the money that we spent on that video was the best money we could have spent. To think that we were going to pass on the video.  We have shown the video over and over again to many people. Sarah's best friend will be getting married I think, within the next year or so, and I will strongly encourage her to hire you.  It would be good to see you again and see more of your work. Congratulations again Ryan, and lots of continued success to you!!!!"

• Janis, mother of a bride

“Hiring Ryan from Focal Point was without a doubt the best expense of our wedding. This is not your average wedding video but a full-on production! Exceptional shots timed with music make for an emotional experience. Our video is AWESOME and very beautifully done! We highly recommend the wedding trailer, a brief "movie trailer" of your wedding day to tease you until the final video is finished. It leaves you wanting more and was available to us within a week from the wedding. Definitely worth it! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ryan. We appreciated his professionalism and creativity! You won't be disappointed to hire Focal Point Digital Media.”

• Carly & Anthony (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“I watched the video online last night!  It was beautiful!! Thank you! Jeremy and I have loved working with you on our wedding, and the video definitely did not disappoint. You guys captured the day very well, and it was an incredible feeling to be able to relive it. I know that our family and friends will also truly enjoy being able to experience the events of the day. Thank you again for all!”

• Becky & Jeremy, Illinois

"Ryan, I know you worked really hard on the video, and Lamont and I love it. There were parts that made me cry... We love you and the video, and we are so happy Focal Point filmed our day. You deserve a lot of credit for everything you do. Thanks again for all of your effort from beginning to end!"

• Monica & Lamont, Arizona; WEVA Creative Excellence Award-winning video (click here to listen to their extended comments)

“Jeff hates being the center of attention and having his picture taken and wasn’t all that excited about having a video. He said he was surprised at how unobtrusive you were, and like I said before, was impressed with the video. It was hard coming to Oregon and finding the right people to capture our wedding, but you did that and more. You really caught the mood of the day and a few special moments (that I thought were lost) that I will always treasure. Thank you so much again. Working with you and having the perfect video helped to make the day and memories. I am more than happy, and if you ever need a reference, call us!”

• Teri & Jeff, Belgium

We just wanted to THANK YOU for the beautiful work you did on our wedding video...the whole family sat in the living room and watched it together.. what a special time! You ABSOLUTELY captured the essence of the day. Thank you for your talent and hours and energy!”

  1. • Jordan & Luke (click here and here to view clips of their wedding video)

“...I wanted to let you know that Jesse's great grandma, who had been planning to be at the wedding but couldn't make it at the last minute, was hospitalized this weekend and was given less than two days to live.  We were able to go visit her one last time and show her the wedding video in her last days of life.  How amazing is that??  I just really can't thank you enough (...again).  I mean, I know it was our choice to hire you, but you really just preserved it so beautifully. Thank you thank you.”

• Aleina & Jesse (click here to view a sample of their wedding video, click here to view their comments on LiveJournal’s Wedding Plans forum)

“I watched the wedding video for the second time last night. It made me cry all over again but for different reasons this time. I don't know if you have heard or not but my husband passed away last month and seeing him dance with our girl made this video so much more important to us all. We now have something we can watch over and over as we go through our grieving process. You captured his father of the bride happiness so wonderfully. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

  1. • Mary Lou, mother of a bride

"We just received the DVDs for our daughter's wedding and we were thrilled to get the video. We were filled with emotion as we watched the entire video that evening. You did a SPECTACULAR job. I especially enjoyed the special features and how you arranged everything; it's much nicer than we ever expected and very professional. Thank you so much for all the work, time and extra effort you put into creating this. This is a lifelong gift to us and for Angie and James that we could never duplicate. We will definitely recommend you to others."

  1. • Don & Ruth, parents of a bride

"Ryan, I can't even tell you in words how much we LLLOOOVVVEEE!!!!!!!!!! the video! It is the best I've ever seen!! Thank you so very much!! I promise you, everyone I know who is getting married I will make sure they get a hold of you. I can' tell you how nice it was working with you. You made my experience so easy... you are the best!"

• Erika & Dylan

“Wow. That is all I can say. I am so pleased with the video, it turned out absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for working so hard on this. Jared and I will treasure this for many years.”

• Mallory & Jared, North Carolina

I've been meaning to write you for the last few days, but I've been spending most of my free time watching the video over and over! Eric and I LOVE the video - huge thanks to you, Gary, and Dan for doing such a wonderful job! The music you chose was fantastic, and the way you synced the various actions to the appropriate places in the music made every scene all the more powerful! My parents loved the video too! They watched it from start to finish the other night, and laughed, cried, cheered, and reminisced through every moment. Thanks too for putting the video on line - what a great idea! Now I can share it with tons of friends without loaning out my own copy.”

• Dana & Eric (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

"The video is incredible! We can't get enough of it, we watch it over and over. Thank you so much for preserving the memories of Danielle and Ryan's wedding in such an awesome way. We love it! Thanks for all your hard work at the wedding , saving the day by having back up DVDs with you, and capturing every moment of the day. You were absolutely wonderful to work with, especially with our last minute ideas. We are looking forward to working with you again when our other daughter decides to get married. Thanks again for everything!"

• Rhonda & Don, parents of two brides/repeat customers

"Thank you so much, once again, for an awesome video. Thank you for capturing every detail of the entire day in such an amazing way.  Once again the “Father of the Bride” video was a big hit and the Love Story + Same Day Edit turned out perfect and the guests were amazed by it. We only wish we had another daughter so we could do it again.  We absolutely loved working with you, thanks again!”

• Rhonda & Don, parents of two brides/repeat customers

“Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on our video. LOVE LOVE LOVE the highlight of it; short and sweet, and great to share with family and friends. And your job on the music, FANTASTIC. I was so scared because it was a Persian song but you nailed it. Love it! I can't say how happy I am. Thank you so much.”

• Zarrin & Eiman, Vancouver B.C., Canada

"I can't tell you how many times my family, friends and I have watched our wedding video - and we can't hear enough good things about it!  It really is the best money we ever spent!"

• Sarah & Michael

"Thank you for all your hard work on our wedding day! James and I thought you did a really great job and covered all of the special moments of the day without seeming intrusive at all. You were great to work with and very accommodating. Lots of our guests commented on how great our videographer was, so we'll pass along your name. Our DVD, as expected, is fantastic! We really like the short form edited version of the video and the soundtrack, and also the way all of the special features are broken down and available in full length. The guest comments section was pretty funny... those are our crazy friends for you!"

• Angie & James, Australia

"Ryan has been blessed with a gift in videography! He did an INCREDIBLE job on our wedding!!!! He is very down to earth, not intimidating at all, and very easy to work with. His attention to detail was obvious with our final product which is absolutely AMAZING; I can't emphasize that enough. I have to say I was nervous about what the video might look like, not because of Ryan’s abilities but because some details didn’t come out right in the decor and how I thought I would look. However, NO WORRIES!!!, he camouflaged all details that weren’t just right. If you don't hire Ryan to take care of your special day, you will definitely regret it. I'm soooooooooo glad we did!!! We almost went with someone else, but what a mistake that would have been! (If this was live you would hear me squeal with glee :)) Thank you so much Ryan! You rock!”

• Alicia & Nic 

“I just wanted to make sure to send you a personal heart-felt thanks for all that you & Gary did for us from start to finish.  In my opinion, you were hands down the best vendor we dealt with from A to Z going above and beyond your job, which was so refreshing when you unfortunately find yourself in the trenches with others.  We really are thrilled with your work and you were an absolute pleasure to work with.  Here's wishing you and the crew your best season/year yet, as it's well earned/deserved!”

•  Kathy & Dave (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“Bradford and I were absolutely blown away by the video you created for us! My goodness, it is easily my personal favorite keepsake from the wedding! To have the chance to relive our wedding in such a beautiful way was SO wonderful, amazing job. The love story clip is perfect too, and I DID love the song you found, super cute - I hadn't heard that one before. Thank you so so much, you were great to work with!  I hope you're in business when OUR kids get married!”

• Lauren & Bradford, California

“I posted the link of the wedding highlights movie on my Facebook for my friends and family who were unable to make it to the wedding to see what they missed and, I don't know if you can see what they have posted, but the responses have just been amazing. Everything you put together was amazing words cannot express how grateful I am for the wonderful job you did at capturing the very essence of our wedding. You absolutely nailed it! the atmosphere, the feeling, the ambiance, it was more than we could have ever hoped for.  Thank you so much for all the amazing work you did, you have a word-of-mouth advertiser for life!”

• Elizabeth & Kevin

"We received our wedding DVD and loved it!!! I think we have watched it about five times now! Thank you for doing such a great job!!  It is priceless and I am SO glad we decided to use you guys... it was truly the best thing we did by having you guys document our wedding day. Thank you for the wonderful memories we will have forever!"

• Nicole & Nat, Washington 

"Thanks to all of you for the excellent jobs that each of you did for us. You created and captured our children's most important days in their lives, and you did it with such professionalism and integrity. My mother passed away shortly after Stacey and Dustin's wedding and I will forever treasure having her last days on film. You were fun to work with and we would highly recommend Focal Point to anyone looking for excellent videography. Again, thanks to each of you!"

• Cindy & Bill, repeat customers & parents of a bride and a groom

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for everything! Ross and I had so much fun and wanted to tell you thank you for making us feel so comfortable with the camera, and for suffering through the heat with us!  The day was perfect and we cannot wait to see the video.  I wish I could do it all over again!  Thank you again, it was a pleasure working with you.”

• Kelly & Ross (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“We spent almost our entire planning process thinking we would not hire a videographer, but our DJ convinced us to give Ryan at Focal Point a call and we are so glad we did. Ryan and his assistant were so unintrusive that I almost forgot they were there half the time. They captured so many wonderful moments and the finished product was beautiful. The DVD was edited perfectly but not cluttered with too many special effects (which I’ve seen on many a wedding video). After the wedding we were so happy we decided to hire a videographer. The day is such a blur that the video is a nice reminder of how it all came together.”

• Alexis & Steve, via ProjectWedding.com review

“I viewed the video from Jordan’s wedding this morning... oh my gosh! You’re amazing, I had forgotten how GREAT your work is!!  Always so happy to refer you!  Keep on doin’ your thing!”

• Sue Hamilton, owner of S.H.E. Designs &  Event Planning

"The video is AWESOME!!! We loved it and we laughed so hard at all the interviews. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, we will definitely enjoy watching it over the years."

• Kathryn & Dionisio

"I will be eternally grateful for everything. Every time I watch the video I cry (tears of joy, of course!) and feel like I am right there all over again. By FAR, the best money we spent on the whole wedding. Thanks again for all your effort. You do amazing and beautiful work!!”

• Kristin & Matt

“Matt & I watched our wedding video last night since it was our fourth anniversary. Still completely amazed with how well you captured our day :)  Every time we watch it, we say how it was the best money we spent on the entire wedding!”

• Kristin & Matt, again  =)

“Thank you! I appreciate how easy you are to work with. It sure is nice to have such open lines of communication with you and to know that you are so helpful and laid back."

• Kelsey & Jordon

"Both Jason and I are stunned by the quality and professionalism of our DVDs.  As a couple who spent a pretty penny on photography and were significantly disappointed in the results, we would tell brides-to-be SPEND the money on Focal Point.  These guys do not get it wrong.  Do what you have to do in your wedding budget, cut what you have to cut, to make Ryan your videographer.  It will be the best decision you will make in the wedding planning process and the best money you will ever spend.  To have those moments caught on tape is more precious than we could have imagined before the actual day and I know that for years to come we will cherish the ability to re-live that first glance, our vows, and the toasts from our loved ones!"

• Katie & Jason

“Thank you so much for capturing our special day.  You were so amazing at getting all the moments, but us hardly knowing you were there.  We had such a great time, thanks again!”

• Sarah & Jayson, New York

"We watched our video last weekend for the first time. We loved it! You did a very nice job and we liked all the shots. I am so thankful we got a video! The video is almost better, if not equal to our photos! I love all the memories, the moments you captured on video are awesome! Thank you again for all your help. Beautiful job, well done! It's like our own movie!"

• Tiffanie & Warren

"The video is amazing!  We have decided to watch it every year on our anniversary!  Your art really added to our celebration, thank you so much!”

• Kate & Michael (click here to view a clip from their reception)

“Ryan was worth every penny we spent! I didn't want to spare any expense on the video of our one wedding day, and Ryan made it PERFECT! First of all, he was never pushy or obvious while taking video at the wedding, I never remember seeing him! He worked well with my photographer, I was told later, and the video was phenomenal!! We watch it often to remind ourselves of that day, and every wonderful moment was magically captured. The music and editing to the images he captured are blended and put together so amazing, it's almost more beautiful in the video than it was that day! Ryan is a GREAT choice for videography! I have a few minor regrets from that day, and I'm so glad my videographer was NOT one of them.”

• Lindsey & Ty

"Thanks for being such a talented, important and unobtrusive part of Kate & Michael’s wedding.”

• Mary, mother of a bride

"There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything! You completely saved us and your selflessness will not be forgotten.  I will recommend Focal Point to anyone and everyone!  Thank you again!”

• Andrea & Chris

"The video is absolutely AMAZING!!! We are soooo happy... you guys are really AWESOME! We love it! Thank you!"

• LaDonna, mother of a bride

"We love it! It was so fun to see parts of the day I don't remember, it was all such a blur! The video was all so beautiful and I love how the music worked with it too. We haven't watched everything on the DVD yet but we are really enjoying it. Thank you so much for all your hard work!"

• Becky & Darren

"Oh my gosh! We have watched the video a couple of times already and we just love it! So much thanks goes out to you... it is priceless."

• Lori & Matt

"Thank you guys so much for the video! We absolutely love it! We had so much fun watching our wedding all over again. It was really fun to watch the messages from our guests too! Thanks for all your hard work."

• Aja & Eric

“Working with Ryan and Focal Point was the BEST experience! We are so happy we decided to contact them. Our video is amazing and worthy every single penny. This was the BEST purchase of the ENTIRE wedding, and we are amazed at the quality and emotion that shows though. Every time we watch we laugh, cry, and giggle with a smile from ear to ear. Ryan made us feel completely comfortable while filming, and he captured every moment that touched our hearts. I would recommend Focal Point Digital Media again and again. PERFECT!! Thank you so much for giving us a gift that will last a lifetime. You are wonderful!!!”

• Kelly & Ross (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)

“OH. MY. WORD! That is the best video I've ever seen! The production is top notch and really shows off what an amazing wedding it was. WOW!”

• Nikki, bridesmaid in Sarah & Jayson’s wedding

Ryan and Focal Point are SUPERLATIVE! He connected with my kids, was unobtrusive during the festivities, and everyone was at ease so the video was completely natural. In addition, the final product was artsy, and beautiful, and most of all professional. As a parent of the bride, when planning a wedding the videographer seems too expensive and you might have the idea that photos could be substituted instead. DON'T DO IT! If you're going to have a video...this is the guy to do it! He does a quality job all the way, and it's no wonder he's the best in the state!!!”

• Carole, mother of a bride (via WeddingWire)

“Ryan, we love our wedding video.  It made me cry, but it was a good cry!  Chris and I are very happy with the finished product, we love it!!”

• Julie & Chris

“The video is beautiful and reminds me of every single moment of that memorable day! What a day it was, just beautiful! Good job on capturing the moments and making them 're-livable' just by looking at them.”

• Ensieh & Farid, Washington

“We hired our Ryan because his videos made us cry every time.  Two years later, IT STILL WORKS.  I am so beyond happy to have this, it just totally made my day.

• Aleina & Jesse, on their second anniversary

"We just love it! Your company did an outstanding job at my dear daughter's wedding. You guys get an A+++! Thanks for all the precious memories!"

• Patty, mother of a bride

I just wanted to say thank you so much for our wedding video and all your hard work, we absolutely loved it! And everyone else has too, we've gotten a lot of compliments on how well done it was. It was so great to relive that day again. Thank you!”

• Danika & Ralf

"We're all very happy with the video! It turned out so beautifully and really captured the feelings of the day for us. Thank you so much for your work!"

• Erin & Michael

"I'm not sure if I ever told you how impressed I was with your work.  Many videographers produce fairly inferior products.  From what I saw, yours is hands-down the best videography I have come across.  If I haven't already told you, thank you...  I truly look forward to referring my clients to you!”

• Becky Simpson, owner of No Ordinary Affair Wedding & Event Planning

“It has been a pleasure working with the two of you on our son's wedding. We were all so pleased with the photo montage and with your attention to details..."

• Linda, mother of a groom

“We recently celebrated our first anniversary and watched the video again. We laughed, we cried... oh, you know!  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for capturing the best memories in such a beautiful way. I’m so glad I ran into you at that bridal show! I couldn’t have asked for the video to have come out any better!”

• Tresa & John

“Focal Point Digital Media is the best! I still have people talking about my wedding video three years later!”

• Lyndsey & Dustin, Kentucky

“Thank you so much for capturing our most special day on video. We really appreciate the time and effort that went into this project and will enjoy it for many years to come! Thanks again!"

• Karen & Nick

"We received a lot of comments on what a good job you both did and how unintrusive you both were. Thanks again!"

• Michaela, mother of a groom

"The video you put together for our wedding turned out so awesome, even better than I expected! We love it and the family loves it too. I will for sure be telling my friends about you as they get engaged. Thank you so much for your services, you guys rock!"

  1. • Jennifer & Doug

“I LOVED working with Ryan, Gary and Dan at Focal Point!  They were SO nice, detailed, easy to get along with with, and willing to please. They are also exceptionally gifted when it comes to theatrical videography. I watch my wedding video a few times a week, and it still gets me all choked up. In my opinion, Focal Point was a 20 on a scale of 1-10! Having them do my video was the best investment of the wedding.” .”

• Dana & Eric (click here to view their Theatrical Trailer)


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