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Unsolicited Comments From Past Clients


NOTE: The following email was forwarded to us from a former client, Ginny, upon the request of her newly engaged friend Michelle for wedding advice.

“Congratulations Michelle!  And to you and your family, what very exciting news!!  I am honored you would include me in your email to request wedding ideas from others (what a great idea!). 


With out any hesitation, the best investment of our entire wedding was hands down the Videographer we chose.  When I read this email from you I knew I needed to at least present that idea to you, since we still are so thrilled with every bit of it.  I had originally thought having a videographer would not be necessary since we'd be, of course, getting a photographer to capture the moments.  We were ultimately disappointed in our photos and our (VERY) expensive photographer.  There were a small handful of good shots taken....but lighting was bad, "artistic" angles ended up looking odd, and there was only one...ONE picture taken of just me and Aaron, Husband & Wife, both looking at the camera, and it isn't our best smiles.  Our photographer was (name removed), based out of Portland. They are known for their artistic shots and cutting edge styles, which I was interested in at first.  They were very pricey compared to other people we looked into, but I really liked their style at the time so my parents agreed to book them....what a waste. 


On to the good part:  Our Video!  I cannot express enough how much we LOVED the entire experience.  The business is called Focal Point Digital Media.  Their website is:www.focalpointvideo.biz  Ryan Chaney is the owner, and amazing video guy. He himself is a wonderful guy.  Great Christian, family man who is truly passionate about wanting to create a good product for the bride and groom.  He and his assistant were both upbeat and attentive to every detail.  I don't know if you remember at our wedding we had a video before the wedding party came out, called our "Love Story" ?  Anyway, if you've ever seen TLC's program "Wedding Story" it is set up just like that!  How we met...the proposal..looking forward to being married... I believe it is an added deal you can add to a package, but it was totally worth it.  We loved it, and we will love watching it down the road I am sure, but it also gave those in our wedding a little background of our love story.  But that costs extra.  Just getting the wedding filmed by these guys would be welllll worth every penny.  We've looked at our picture album maybe twice?  But we've watched this video a dozen times since we've been married with family and friends (and a few times by ourselves!).  It truly captures moments that a still photo can't. Plus it reminded us how wonderful every detail of the day was, since at the time it was one big stressful blur to the both of us.  With out a doubt I would recommend splurging a little and getting these guys to video Michelle's wedding.  I think their prices have gone up a bit since we were married, since they are becoming more well known and getting in more demand, but I cannot tell you enough how happy we were with their product.  Check out the website!  I think their is even a quote by us saying how much we enjoyed them! :)  I'm sure if you had any questions Ryan would be more than happy to answer and and all of them, he really is a great guy and was so much fun to work with.  His number is: 503.588.0251.  Sorry I get a little wordy when I get excited about something, and remembering all of this got me all revved up again :)


Happy Planning!!  Miss you friend!!!





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